Backlink Machine V3 Plugin

Backlink Machine V3 Plugin is a WP plugin that car creates backlinks from a network of over 10,000 sites. This is one of those tools I have actually been using for the past couple years to assist rank and increase the authority of my niche WP websites.

The product was developed by Ankur Shukla who develops high quality products and really keeps them preserved. Another product he developed a long time ago that I continuously use is this one for YouTube SEO. It’s by far one of the very best I’ve discovered and the rate is unbeatable.

Backlink Machine Plugin is simple to use even for a novice and this new V3.0 provides new features that makes it a no-brainer to pick up including a new WordPress page SEO analysis tool.

Backlink Machine V3 WordPress Plugin Download

Backlink Machine V3 Plugin Features

The FE offer of Backlink Machine is a WordPress Plugin that can build backlinks to all your posts with the push of a button. It includes these features:

  • Define any number of anchor text for your links.
  • Select niche/category for your link sources.
  • Get SEO Score for every blog post for On Page SEO.
  • Generate a complete backlink report in 48hrs.
  • Drip Feed backlinks intelligently over a few days.
  • Automatic indexing of all your backlinks.
  • FULLY AUTOMATED – make a new post and get 50+ backlinks built to it within the next 48hrs.
  • No manual work required at all.
  • No more expensive outsourcing.
  • Build Backlinks for Unlimited WordPress Sites.

NEW in v3.0 New 2020 Edition

  • Shows you Domain Authority + Domain Stats.
  • Shows you Top Backlinks + Top Sites linking to you.
  • Shows you all 404 broken links so you can fix them.
  • Automatically build internal links within your site.
  • Rank Checker to see your site’s ranking in any country.
  • Shows ON Page SEO info for every post and page.
  • Gives you related Keyword Ideas to improve your SEO.

Get higher rankings easily

All the top sites that rank in the top 5 positions on google, yahoo and bing have one thing in common… Lots of backlinks. Having 2000 backlinks is proven to rank your site higher and thats what you get with their software & you can add more backlinks too.

Use on all your blogs, unlimited sites

Get the unlimited sites license for a small price today & you can install this plugin on unlimited sites that you personally own. The 2000 backlinks you get can be spread across all your sites & you can add more any time you want, its just 1-click easy.

Automatic updates to the plugin, no need to install over & over again.

They are going to keep updating this plugin regularly, they are open to ideas and new feature suggestions to keep them coming. Every update will be rolled out and your plugin can be automatically updated in just one click.

Download detailed reports with complete list of all your backlinks

Once your backlinks are created, a report is instantly available inside your logs section that you can view and save to your computer. This report has all the backlinks that were created for your site and you can track them.

Fully autopilot – no manual work

When you make a new wordpress post, you can instantly create 20 or 50 or even 100 backlinks to it without doing any manual work, no extra steps and nothing else to do. That is the power of automation that backlink machine brings to you.

Backlink Machine V3 Plugin

For Anybody Who Wants More Google Rankings: The basic fact is– when you have 100 short articles ranking on google instead of just 10, you get a lot more traffic to your site. More traffic generates more cash from your website and that is always great, best?

For Anybody Who Wants More Traffic: SEO traffic is the best sort of totally free traffic you can get. If tweaking a few things and installing a new software application can do that for you, why are you losing out on the best complimentary traffic source out there?

For Anyone Who Desires 100s Of Articles Ranked: Adding backlinks can escalate the exposure of your material and take your website to the top ranks in search engines. Why be pleased with just a few top positions when you can get more by doing 10 seconds of extra work?

For Anyone Who Does Not Want To Invest $500+ On Seo: Employing a SEO company can cost you numerous dollars monthly (or perhaps thousands if you have a big site) – why do that when you can get fantastic results by using a basic software + a few seconds of your time.

For Any Website Owner Who Runs A WordPress Website: WP Backlink Machine v3 is a must have for every wordpress website. Every website owner is investing money on backlinks – why do that when you can automate 90% of the work using an easy software. Must have for every site owner.

For Bloggers, Writers & Podcasters: Whether you are a blogger or an author with a website, you want more traffic and you want to reach a larger audience. This is what you can achieve.

Backlink Machine V3 Plugin

The app will offer you a versatile choice between these 2 choices: Lite Edition – $14.95 and Multi License Edition – $24. The main differences in between these two versions are the variety of backlinks you can develop and the number of websites you can set up the plugin.

If you are having a major online organisation, I would advise the Numerous License Edition, which allows you to create as much as 3000 backlinks and install this plugin to lots of websites you want. While the lite edition is $10 less expensive than the 2nd variation, it only gives you 1000 backlinks and can be installed in one single site.

No matter what edition you mean to get, I make certain with you that you are getting the best backlink tool in town with the best price possible. If you miss this chance, barely will you have the second chance to think again.

This software comes with 30-day money back assurance, which means you can attempt this software application totally free within the very first 30 day of purchase. During this time, if you this software application unqualified, you can ask for a complete refund.

Backlink Machine V3 WordPress Plugin Download

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